Chargers with Element of surprise, Will it be enough to beat the Chiefs?

Sofi Stadium, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Chargers are healthy as they get ready to christen their first game at Sofi Stadium hosting AFC West division rivals and SB Champs the Kansas City Chiefs. Chargers with Element of surprise, Will it be enough to beat the Chiefs?

Injury Report:

Chargers all full participation with the exception of RB Justin Jackson marked as doubtful.

Center Mike Pouncey was removed from the injury report, as he was placed on injured reserve with a season-ending hip injury. Fourth-year offensive lineman Dan Feeney will start at center for Los Angeles.

Although early in the week, was hard not to be a little concerned with Tyrod landing on the list with a rib injury even though no missed practice.

Chiefs without 3 different defensive starters.

One Chargers advantage, the new stadium christening and electricity but without fans will be sadly a little lackluster. Obviously self excitement and pride, but similar to getting a new car and not being able to show your friends.

But the Element of surprise is prevalent Kansas City has no familiarity with Tyrod Taylor with a new Qb first time since 2006 many similar moving parts however….and the unlikely surprise of rookie Herbert in for some plays.

Divisional matchups always can go either way, you play the same team at least 2xs a year every year. It is just common sense you have much more time spent on the field in preparation and history.

This for the first time since Phil was at the helm of quarterback 2006-2019 will lean to a slight advantage for LA.

I’m not sure if the Chargers defense will be able to contain Patrick Mahomes and the running game but if the Chargers offensively can get a rhythm and a little bit of element of surprise, they have a really good chance of winning this game.

I’m having a shift as earlier in the week I thought no way can they win, the matchup not advantageous again my original thoughts and I was basing it on the past. the benefit again today as the past is not as relevant.

Chargers are probably healthiest they have been Chiefs down a few defensive starters.

Can LA hold Mahomes and the rushing attach? Can they overcompensate with the offense? I don’t think so, this will not be like in past where they could come back from a deficit, but if they can stay ahead they have a shot.

With all that said, I still have a hard time seing Chargers win their opener, they are a little out matched.

Chiefs 34- Chargers 17

Chargers host Packers on Their 12th Meeting

Chargers (3-5) hosting Packers (7-1) this Sunday on what will be the twelfth time the two face off.

The last and only time the Chargers beat the Packers was with Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner and Billy Ray Smith on the field October 7, 1984, a date that QB Phillip Rivers was 2 months shy of being 4 years old.

With the change of offensive play calling, this week,  shifted to highly regarded QB Coach Shane Steichen, the shift or wrinkle could create an edge for the Bolts just as an unseen quarterback with no or little film can potentially.

Coach Lynn on potentially an advantage with a new offensive play caller versus the Packers,

“It can be, a guy that’s never done it before.  Is he going to be conservative?  Is he going to be aggressive, you just don’t know.”

And of course on being the second Chargers in the history of the matchup team to beat the Packers, “It would feel good,…. real good!

An obvious sentiment for any win, but potentially more so becoming the second team at 3-5 and 3rd in the AFC West one trying to get back to 500.  With 4 Wisconsin Badgers in the locker room, more fuel as to prove to their home towns and to get a win from the team they grew up rooting for.

Derek Watt, although raised a Packers fan from Wisconsin, he is not a fan , anymore
and it was business focus on the next game. However it would be nice to let his hometown friends see him and his team beat the team he grew up rooting for.

“A lot of people from Wisconsin I’m sure are watching the Packers game,” Gordon says. “A lot of them that cheered for me probably don’t see a lot of the Chargers. It’ll be cool to watch those people that supported me since I was younger, because not many of our games get played back home.”

Connections:  Brendan Mebane played with Aaron Rogers his freshman and sophomore year at Cal, when Rodgers came as a redshirted sophomore.  Joey Bosa’s cousin on the Packers and many Wisconsin born players on the Bolts roster, looking for a dub with a little more fevor.  I searched and believe the only player on the roster whom has beaten the Packers is Thomas Davis when he was at Panthers.

Last time these two met in 2015 Chargers lost 27-20 in Green Bay however Phillip had 503 yards with 2 TDs, Keenan Allen had 157 receiving yards with Antonio Gates and Malcomn Floyd having 95 a piece.   The leader on tackles was Denzel Perryman with seven tackles and one assist on his first NFL start. One more tidbit, Woodhead and Oliver had a combined 103 yards on catch and runs.

Chargers defense has been in effect with 7 interceptions and 9 forced fumbles and 6 recoveries and 35 quarterback hits.  They also welcome back Mike ‘Money Badger’ Badgley and first time offensive player caller, Shane Steichen whom will be on the field for his debut, rather than the box.

Packers fans travel well, all over, who would not want to get out of Wisconsin for a trip to Southern California to see their team play, but as amplified vs the Steelers game, Chargers find themselves in an away environment with one bonus sleeping in their own beds.  This team has was able to respond well to those scenarios and come home after a win at Soldier Field to do the same a home-away game.

What I did notice at practice on Friday in the locker room  was a different feel, a lighter group, more at ease, perhaps with the focus after practice on the 25 families of the fallen soldiers. 25 Chargers players will honor and play for 25 Fallen Soldiers today and also be wearing a decal on their helmets with the initials of those soldiers. November in the NFL is a month to honor those that serve.

IMO:  This game could go either way, but I believe if the Chargers can come out with some tone setting pocessions, hits and pressure on Aaron Rodgers and an offensive rhythm I think they can win. Watch for a wrinkle shift with OC plays as well as, a successful staple with catch and runs for Austin Ekeler & Melvin Gordon.

Packers will have WR Davonte Adams, whom was a game time decision.

Side note:
Jaylen Watkins working at SS in place of Roderic Teamer.

LA Inactives of the game Easton Stick, Geremy Davis, Troymaine Pope, Roderick Teamer, Cortez Broughton< Brandon Mebane and Justin Jones.

Green Bay Inactives Ryan Grant, Ka’dar Hollman, JOSH Jackson, Tim Williams, Cole Madison, Adam Pankey and Robert Tonyan.

Sunday Night Prime Time Did Not Shine Bright for Chargers

Dignity Health Sports Park
Carson, CA

Sunday night prime time did not shine bright for Chargers. 

Lights, prime time and yet a disastrous start almost a deja vu of last weeks loss to the Broncos as they found themselves down by 14 in the first quarter.  Turnovers, lack luster, many missed tackles, missed field goal, a lack of energy and any run game were no competition for a will imposed 1-4 Mike Tomlin led team. 

Steelers came to fight, and instilled their will on Los Angeles at Dignity Health Sports Park, which looked or felt like Heinz West or “a miniature Heinz Field” Al Michaels stated during the broadcast.  It was reported 22,000 of the 27,000 capacity, (as well as a comparison of 90% vs. 10%) were Gold and Black.  Steelers fans travel well, as the sea of terrible towels displayed for all to view, but tonight highlighted or amplified the lack of home field the Los Angeles Chargers have had since their relocation.   

On the field, Pittsburg was more prepared mentally, physically and imposed their will with a stout commanding defense and with a third string QB whom has duck calling qualities and almost immediately had Los Angeles on their heels or on the ground. 

“They played with more urgency “ Phillip Rivers 

Bolts looked lethargic the first half, with a lack of urgency.  It was actually a bit shocking as this team looked and felt ready to respond after last weeks showing, Coach Lynn was juiced, but something was amiss as they found themselves scoreless and down by 24 in the fourth quarter.

The desire or will just wasn’t visible, the extra effort to make catches by Benjamin, numerous uncharacteristic missed tackles by Jatavais Brown and a lax response to a tipped ball by Melvin Gordon all low lighted the first half.

They did fight back, found some rhythm in the 4th and were able to gain some of the deficit and contain the Duck whisper with 17 unanswered points, just not enough.  It is noteworthy to mention that also during the 4th quarter, the stadium played Styx Renegade and followed with rickrolling a stunt that left the players bewildered.

Chargers D was unable to finally bring down Conners, and although Keenan Allen was taken out of the equation, Mike Williams stepped up and yet despite an injury late in the 3rd or early 4th continued to play and with heart.  

Steeler players felt at home in Carson, and said so after their win for all to see.


Sunday Night Prime Time in Carson



Sunday Night Football, Sunday Night Lights, Prime Time, there is nothing like it!!

Memories from Friday Night Lights, big college games and in the NFL you are front and center, no other games, you are it!

“It’s like a day party versus a night party….no comparison “ – Damion Square

A little haze, a little darker, some nostalgia, but Chargers players are focused on the task at hand, beating the Steelers.   Even though Isaac Rochelle and Uchenna Nwosu  didn’t agree with the outcome of their alma maters match up on Saturday, USC vs Notre Dame, they were definitely on the same page for Sunday’s match hosting the 1-4 Steelers at Dignity Health Sports Park.


With many teams fans rolling into Southern Cal to enjoy games, the Chargers players are accustomed to it having many visitor teams fans in attendance, it just doesn’t matter  regardless of how many Charger fans showed up as long as it was packed with fans.   Something that I think aided in their success last year no home field advantage, fan wise, but a home game is a home game, you go home after the game, not board a flight, you sleep in your own bed.

This is again a dangerous 1-4 team, their losses come from to 2 undefeated teams, San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots, and one with one loss the Seattle Seahawks.  Chargers have won two of the last three meetings.

“It’s just a matter of time before that group gets it together,” Coach Lynn said. “This is a dangerous football team.”

Friday in the locker room it broke that Mason Rudolph was ruled “out” for Sunday, although on LP throughout the week, not a big surprise it was hard to fathom that he would be cleared of concussion protocols after the hit he sustained from Earl Thomas.

Regardless which quarterback was at the helm, the Bolts had prepared for both Mason Rudolph and Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges whomever was a the helm for the Steelers,    “It doesn’t matter who’s playing QB”  Square stated on Friday.

On preparing for a third string quarterback making his NFL debut on Sunday Night with little film,

“There’s a little bit of an unknown with his skill set,” Bradley said. “What are they going to do with him? Do they trust him to be a read-option guy? … We really just have to play some of that stuff ‘rules ball’ and just go for it and probably make adjustments during the game as we see the personality that they take on.”

On Juju Smith-Schuster, I asked former Trojan teammate and friend  Uchenna if any smack talk had partaken, he said no we are professional.  When asked if he’s given some extra advice on Smith-Schuster, he said “definitely” has given his teammates the heads up.   DC Gus Bradley also very aware of Juju and the entire Defense.

Gus words on Thursday “He has really good strength at the point of attack,” Bradley said. “(He) played really well in those positions as far as setting the edge and stuff. That was impressive. He has always had the ability to find a way to affect the quarterback.”

Casey will be covering Juju per Coach Bradley from Thursday podium, much praise on Casey Hayward.

“He’s been very important, because you can count on him,” Bradley said. “You know what you’re going to get from him every game. He’s a pro. I know that he missed a practice last week, but he’s a guy that really studies and he’s in-tune to it even if he misses a practice here or there.”

Hayward acknowledging  Juju, “He plays hard, it’s hard to tackle him, he’s a good route runner, and he has strong hands. He does a really good job of breaking tackles and getting open.”

Nwosu will start for Melvin Ingram. When I spoke to him on praises from Coach Bradley  he gave credit to his DL Coach Giff Smith.

New Chargers C/G Ryan Groy, I spoke with GM Tom Tellesco on the connections, primary was similar offense with Tyrod in Buffalo and his versatility.  Will he play is unknown and Ryan was unclear if he will play when I spoke to him on Friday, but with the need for 8, makes it a likelyhood  possibility.  One more brother connections Derek Watt will see his other brother T.J. Watt.  On a side note Joey Bosa’s brother Nick is up the road at the Coliseum playing the LA Rams this afternoon.



Game predictions IMO

Chargers will find a way to run the ball, in possible some creative ways with new lineman.  Aliviating pressure for Phillip Rivers, expect Keenan Allen to have a big night and Chargers defense to really have pressure on Hodges, and contain the run, or more so contain big explosive plays.

The will respond not just because its a Prime Time game, but because they are prepared and IMO using fuel from last weeks loss to division foe Broncos, on the Desiree show  on Wednesday my game prediction was at first a win by 7, I shifted to a final 30-10 LAC.

Although Chargers have been decimated with injuries this season perhaps worse than the last few years they overcome unite and fight to get this win.

*Dan Freeney in of Mike Pouncy and below the flip card.

Game Day Flips


3 Chase McLaughlin will handle the kicking duties for #4 Michael Badgley

42 Uchenna Nwosu will start at DE for #54 Melvin Ingram

44 Kyzir White will start at LB for #42 Uchenna Nwosu

Add #89 WR Jason Moore

Remove #82 TE Stephen Anderson


6 Devlin Hodges will start at QB for #2 Mason Rudolph

18 Diontae Johnson will start at WR for #13 James Washington

25 Artie Burns will start at CB for #22 Steven Nelson

55 Devin Bush will start at LB for #26 Mark Barron

Add #5 QB Paxton Lynch

Add #33 RB Trey Edmunds

Remove #74 G Fred Johnson

Remove #51 LB Jayrone Elliott


Chargers sign C/G Ryan Groy Whom Has Connections to their Offense.

Costa Mesa, 
Hoag Performance Center

Injuries continue to mount for the Bolts, today Pro Bowler center Mike Pouncey was placed on season ending injured reserve.  Coach Lynn told the media he will undergo neck surgery and is done for the year.

 “Mike Pouncey is done for the year,” Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said. “We are going to miss him, his leadership and on the field, but we are tickled to death that he is OK with the injury he had —- he’s going to have neck surgery at some point and we wish him all the best”.


In corresponding move Chargers sign C/G Ryan Groy.

He is a Wisconsin Badger, Big 10 Champion in 2011 and 2012.  An undrafted free agent whom signed with the Bears in 2014, played 4 seasons with the Buffalo Bills and has had short stints on the practice squads with the Patriots, Buccaneers, and most recently the Saints.  He has played 55 games with 17 starts, primarily at center.

The 6’5 Wisconsin product has some connections or familiarity to the Chargers offense,  with former Badger teammates Melvin Gordon and Derek Watt and having played every position on the offensive line as well as fullback in college. He joins another offensive Badger TE Lance Kendricks whom played prior to his college career.

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
ORCHARD PARK, NY – DECEMBER 10: Ryan Groy #72 of the Buffalo Bills looks at fans before a game against the Indianapolis Colts on December 10, 2017 at New Era Field in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

In addition, a connection with Tyrod Taylor when he was at Buffalo and took them to their first playoff berth in 17 years.

Not a comparison to a Pro Bowler by any means, however the transition could be smoother than one would anticipate with some key familiar parts as well as his diversified experience.  Couple it with next man up mentality and the athletic and character players Tom Tellesco and company bring to the locker room.  One more noteworthy point, he can play in cold weather.

Broncos Buck The Chargers 20-13

Initial thoughts on Chargers loss to Broncos.

A dangerous 0-4 Broncos team came in to Dignity Health Sports Park with a fast fierce fire and Chargers found themselves down 17-0 in a blink.  Denver’s offense and Chargers lack of red zone conversion to points had them on there heels down 14 in the first 1st quarter.

Regardless of the countless injuries Chargers have endured, they fought till the end, but with 2 red zone turn overs, no offensive touch downs, a missed or technically blocked field goal they left at least 10 points off the scoreboard. Despite their fight till the end, just too much to overcome and Chargers fall to third in the AFC West and under 500 at 2-3.

Uchenna Nwosu with the strip Photo Mike Nowak/ Chargers

At the end of the 3rd quarter Desmond King brought a spark back and it appeared that this 17 point deficit could be overcome, however too much to overcome on this 85 degree day in Carson. At the end of the fourth quarter Chargers were able to move the ball within field goal range for two Chase McLaughlin field goals.  Then with :10 left attempted an onside kick, but were unsuccessful.   Questions on their last procession or clock management as they appeared to have a lack of urgency down by 10 and less than 2:00 left in the game.

Division games regardless of record, coupled with a dangerous winless team with losses to a total of 10-6 records teams collectively.   Having zero turnovers and a hungry Von Miller added to their fire and yet one less mistake, and the Chargers find themselves in the w column.  

Coach Lynn post game opening statement, 

“Sorry for keeping you good people waiting. Sorry for [having to watch] that damn game. If we play like that, we won’t beat anybody. That team came here desperate for a win, played hard, out-coached us and it was disappointing — but we have a resilient group, I think. We will see how we respond next week but that was disappointing. This press conference will be really short, to be honest with you.”

Highlights of the game:  Desmond Kings 68 yard punt return touchdown, Uchenna Nwosu strip sack with assistance from Jatavas Brown, Kazier White with an INT,  Chase McLaughlin with a one partial block was 2 for 3 in his premier and despite “one of those games”  they fought and found themselves in reach. The defense also contained the Broncos to 20 points.  This was also the first game play back for Melvin Gordon since his return.

Rivers to Gordon Photo Mike Now/ The Chargers

Lowlights;  although time of possession was nearly split Chargers 30:24 Broncos 29:36 and played close to penalty free with only 4 for 43 yards while Denver had 12 for 122 yards. Just too many mistakes, 2 red zone turnovers, 35 total rushing yards, balance in offense, defense unable to contain the run allowing 191 total rushing yards (6 yards a carry average) or primarily Phillip Lindsay with 114 rushing yards and one rushing TD.  Versus the pass Defense only allowed 182 in the air and 1 TD.  

Regardless this team will continue to fight as they have, and they will come prepared to host Steelers next Sunday night despite what adversities may be sent their way.  They always seem to shine bright in these scenarios and will have that opportunity in prime time next Sunday evening.



Chargers Win in Miami Comes with a Price

Chargers win in Miami comes with a price.

The Los Angeles Chargers have been busy on this first day of October. Sunday they brought home their first win in Miami since January 2, 1982,  the AFC Divisional Playoffs, the Epic in Miami, but as feared with more injuries, today was a busy day of roster moves. 

Normally Tuesday are “mellow days” in the NFL, players are out giving back on their day off, today was not so mellow.  Chargers announced many moves they have placed Sean Culken on IR, signed Stephen Anderson to the active roster and several practice squad moves. Waived Adarius Pickett (S), Chris Brown (G) and signed Jeff Holland (DE), Quenton Meeks (DB), Matt Sokol to the practice squad. 

Early this evening it was reported from NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero that The Chargers signed kicker Chase McLaughlin, a rookie UFA from Illinois.  Collegiately McLaughlin was a perfect 79/79 on extra points and 4/6 on FGs over 50 earning  Big Ten Kicker of the Year.  He has had short stints with the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings this season.

Ty Long’s injury from Sunday may be worse than anticipated or the fear of an injury with the current lack of depth without Michael Badgley, a bit of panic or searching in Miami seeing him limp after a kick off early in the game.  However he did continue to play without an inclination that anything was wrong and was perfect 3/3 on FGs with a total of 12 points.  But the question arose for me as I watched, searching the roster for whom, if he was hurt, would take over on all kicking duties, punt and place kicking until Michael Badgley is back on the field.  Perhaps a precautionary move regardless it is being reported he will resume punting duties. 

Ty Long
Photo Ty Nowell/Los Angeles Chargers

An interesting thought was brought up by Tom Krasovic, Union Tribune reporter or questions regarding rookie QB Easton Stick and keeping him on the active roster with so many injuries with every  spot vital.  Potentially fearful to risk waivers to him on the practice squad where he can be picked up as pass rusher Chris Peace whom was impressive in Training Camp was claimed by the Giants.


In addition, this evening 9:48 PM PST Gilbert Manzano, beat reporter for the OC Register, reported via a tweet, that the Chargers are considering placing Dontrelle Inman on IR as well.  

Tomorrow  afternoon the Chargers will release the first injury report for week 5, Broncos week.  

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Melvin Gordon back at Chargers Thursday?

Melvin Gordon’s hold out comes to an end, as it is being reported that he will be back at Chargers HQ’s tomorrow via NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

It is also being reported that he will not play this Sunday in Miami.

Although during today’s press conference when Head Coach Lynn was asked about Gordon he stated,

“I have not heard from Melvin and right now, those are all hypotheticals. I’ll cross that bridge when it gets there. If he’s going to play, if he’s going to travel or whatnot but right now my focus is really getting this team ready to go to Miami on Friday and try to win a football game.”

Adding to the assumption, if he reports he will likely not play Sunday per Eric D. Williams, of ESPN.

Phillip Rivers when asked about the status of Melvin,

“I have not heard any more than what you have. I know it would be good to see him.”

Although the Chargers have lost their last two games the run game has not struggled.

Gordon’s hold out possibly set to end, an agreement could not be met with the two commencing the season and he did not report to Training Camp. After much time Chargers granted back permission to seek a trade, but nothing materialized.

No official press release has been made by the Chargers, as of yet.


Dear Football, by Torrey Smith

After 8 seasons in the NFL 2 X SB Champ Torrey Smith retires.

The Maryland Terrapins was drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft round 2 by the Ravens played thru to 2014, onward for 2 years with the 49ers, 2017 with the Eagles, and 2018 with the Panthers.

His Dear Football letter is beautiful one of many reasons I love sports despite team or individual.

Earlier today he tweeted out,

‘For those of you who have been wondering why things have been quiet, it was my decision’

in a repost with the video below attached.

Over 1300 people replied, many of footballs elite with utter respect, as well as his former teams with these passionate words below.

At last look over 17k have viewed since he posted earlier today.

‘Your leadership and love for community service is unmatched.

We are honored to have been a stop in your career.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

#KeepPounding⁠ ⁠’

Bumps and Moves for Chargers in Lions Week.

Hoag Performance Center – Costa Mesa, CA

Bumps and moves for Chargers in Lions week.

After what appeared to be a lot of injuries at first glance, in my opinion, versus the Colts, my thoughts sidelined by speaking with others in the media and were reduced mostly to  a variable of high heat, cramps, the normal bumps and bruises that come with the first game of the season, however I awaited the injury report. The Bolts are banged up this week as they prepare for their first road game and second game of the season.

Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn addressed the media today starting with a lengthy opening statement on the current injury report.

“Well, you guys have heard about [TE] Hunter Henry. I don’t have anything else for you on that one. [K] Michael Badgley, he’s getting some work in today. He’s working back in slowly. [WR] Geremy Davis is going to work his way back in slowly. [CB] Trevor Williams, we put him on IR. [S] Roderic Teamer is not quite ready yet, but he’s getting there. [LB] Jatavis Brown, he may get a light load today in practice. [CB] Michael Davis, he’s out with a hamstring. [WR] Mike Williams is dealing with a sore knee. He probably won’t get much work today. [DE] Isaac Rochell was diagnosed with a concussion on Monday. If I left anyone out, please don’t remind me. We did sign a couple of guys to the practice squad — [CB] Tevaughn Campbell, a defensive back, and [WR] Anthony Johnson. We signed [CB] Dontae Johnson to the active roster as a [defensive back].”

After he added “If I left anyone out, please don’t remind me.”


Most notably Hunter Henry suffered a tibial plateau fracture to his left knee during Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts the team announced Wednesday.  He continued to play and even made a catch in OT with a game total of 4 catches for 60 yards.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Henry will miss 4-6 weeks, however no official timetable on his return as the team will continue to evaluate his injury.

“He came back in and you never knew he was hurt. That says a lot about his toughness as a player, no doubt about it.” – Coach LynnIMG_9979

After last years season ending injury, this one hurts not just for Hunter,  his team has a lot of compassion for him as well, Philip Rivers addressed similar sentiments and tried to look for some silver linings on Wednesday.

“It’s obviously disappointing, but you hate it for him without excited it was. What a tough year it was for him last year and how hard he worked to get back — just how excited he was to be out there. You know he’s down. Obviously, from our offensive standpoint you saw what a big part he is [with what he did] last week and what he was going to be here as the season got going. Hopefully, we’re getting all of these out of the way early in the year and we’ll get some of these guys that have been out, healthy for the back half of the year.”

DL Isaac Rochell is in concussion protocol and WR Mike Williams (knee) will not practice today.  On a brighter note, Lynn did say K Michael Badgley will do a little work today.


Roster Moves

Chargers officially announce the addition of CB Dontae Johnson. To make room, the Bolts placed CB Trevor Williams (quad) on IR.  He comes in with some familiarity in terminology and similar scheme.

“Johnson was with San Francisco with one of [Defensive Coordinator] Gus’ [Bradley] disciples — [49ers Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh] — familiar terminology, similar scheme. It should not be hard for him to pick up and play right away.”

– Coach Lynn

Dontae Johnson, born in Plainfield, New Jersey,  NC State alum was drafted in the 4th round of the 2014 NFL Draft pick 129 to the San Francisco 49ers where he played thru to 2017.  2018 to Seahawks where in April of 2018 he suffered a groin injury and was placed on injured reserve, later released September 27, 2018.   He also had short stints with the Bills and Cardinals in 2018 as well as brief stretches in 2019 on the practice squads of the Chiefs and 49ers.  His career stats (as of 2018) are 158 total tackles, 21 pass deflections, 2 interceptions and 2 defensive touchdowns.



Chargers also added CB Tevaughn Campbell, WR Anthony Johnson and TE Stephen Anderson to the practice squad, replacing LB Curtis Akins and CB Kemon Hall.   WR Artavis Scott whom had a great training camp barely missing the cut once again, has been designated practice squad injured with unspecified injury.

A reminder Injury Reports are updated for Sunday games Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and game day.

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