Dr Jen Welter back on The Desiree Show

Dr. Jen Welter joined me on The Desiree Show, a special treat to have this amazing dynamo on and this was the second time, the first in late November in studio with Byron Chamberlain.

Dr Je5911bc_8525e60f06f04c03ab61475741134d84~mv2_d_1688_2550_s_2n Welter has invaluable insight and experience as the first female RB, first female NFL Coach amongst a slew of other assets, such as on the advisory board for the Pro Football HOF, did I mention she also has a  book, Play Big. If you have the chance to meet this dynamo or see her speak I highly recommend it!

“She joined us for an internship for training camp I think 2015. Only became acquainted slightly both of our schedules were overwhelmingly busy that month. From what I noticed she fit right in, hard working and energetic.”
Andy Levy
Turf Manager /Specialist AZ Cardinals

She impacts everyone she comes in contact with, her main priority the best for the team, whom and whatever that is. This woman is constantly raising the level and of anyone on her path.


“Jen Welter is a one of a kind person. She has continued the talk on equality and has proven to gotten the message heard around the world.”
Frostee Rutgers DE AZ Cardinals

On this most recent time, Jen was headed to AZ for her second Jen Welter’s Grrridiron Girls Flag Football to the city she received her first coaching position with.

This Sunday, April 8, 2018 she will be at El Segundo Athletic Fields 2201 E Mariposa Ave, El Segundo, California 90245 to bring her, yet another, first LA appearance of her camp, along side a posse of multi talented NFL vets including Byron Chamberlain ( whom I’m happy to say met in studio for The Desiree Show). They both had so many special long time close friends, was odd that they hadn’t met already.  If you missed it live both shows are also up on ITunes or Soundcloud.

Here’s the direct  link to register.


Jen’s open and non judging views from her heart also gave some insight to me on powder puff football, the positives that is and gave me a different perspective.

Warm thanks to this amazing human for her time and sharing her heart.  If you missed the show on Dash Radio here it is.

Also, if you missed Byron and Jen on the show, back in November here that is as well.

I hope to go on Sunday, if so I’ll have more images and words about the specialness.

The Desiree Show airs on Wednesdays 4-5 PM PST on Dash Radio, if you miss it, its loaded up on Soundcloud and ITunes.

Don’t miss a beat and follow The Desiree SHOW on IG and Twitter also her personal account @Desiree_Astorga on IG and twitter for more behind the scenes in stories along with upcoming guests.



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